Southern Alps Photography

Images by Danilo Hegg
"To live, breathe, preserve nature"

Gallery comments

  • Joe Nawalaniec

    on June 1, 2013

    Hey nice to read your dispatches. We took our fox terrier Sushi up to the summit of Mt Brewster, just before your climb in 2010, via same route as you, and she has climbed a good number of the peaks along the main divide, including some of the ones you guys have been up eg.Huxley (twice, via different routes), Barth, Strauchan, etc. etc. She's done other (unmentionable!) peaks in Westland / Mt Cook NPs as well. Her in-built crampons work well in the steep ice! She is hatching a few more climbing plans down south for 2013-14...

  • Ed Stevens

    on October 4, 2010

    Looking at climbing Brewster early Nov wait for a good weather window. Very helpful photos and map.

  • heather

    on July 25, 2010

    like re-living the past! looked like such a good couple of days. great shots of the east ridge!