Southern Alps Photography

Images by Danilo Hegg
"To live, breathe, preserve nature"

Gallery comments

  • Gilda Otway

    on May 2, 2011

    Some facts for the young lads:- I & several others in photo have walked in & out several times before! & Turners Bivy was buried under snow! our marginal rock continously filled with water & no mention of flying restrictions by pilot. We, who get into the hills once a year due to family committments were unaware of these maybe new rules - please forgive but we also love to get into the outdoors.

  • Danilo

    on October 19, 2010

    No, they walked out. And it is illegal to fly in after December 1st. They flew in on November 30th, then occupied the bivvy for 4 nights. Nice way around the regulations, hugh? Fully agree, they missed out big times...

  • Jon Taylor

    on October 18, 2010

    Nice photos Danilo. Interested to hear and see that people flew in to Turner's since, as far as I was aware, it is illegal except in winter. Details will be in the Alpine Club guidebook, possibly Robin's latest Moir's. If it is legal, then these slackarses missed out on a great expedition and mountain journey. I wonder if they flew out too?