Southern Alps Photography

Images by Danilo Hegg
"To live, breathe, preserve nature"

Gallery comments

  • Geoff Bradly

    on July 6, 2020

    With regard to your comment about crossing into Little Devil Creek, we crossed at the point marked 'B' and returned the same way. It was quite loose and you had to be sure of your footing but we managed to scramble it, but one at a time due to the loose rocks. Wasn't easy though. Great trip and photos.

  • Danilo

    on October 22, 2015

    I went solo and had no climbing gear, so I guess the route is walkable. The descent into Little Devil Creek is difficult, and I'd be grateful to anyone who can find a better line off that saddle.

  • Mikalai Dunets

    on October 22, 2015

    Great photos! Did you have to use any climbing gear or ropes, or the route is entirely walkable?

  • Lewis Shaw

    on August 31, 2014

    Can`t believe no one has commented,unless they`re too busy on the hill!Great pics & good motivation.I`ve come across your photography previously;good stuff.We`ve been planning a trip into Lochnagar & didn`t want to turn it into an epic,but now,I`m not so sure.I live in Methven & have done some tramps down your way but we keep exploring near the back door.Inspiring work!